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We are committed to raising our pigs and farming our land in ways that are better than
the generations before us; utilizing  modern methods and current technologies available in our industry.  Doing more with less by embracing the natural processes nature provides. 


Animal Care & Well-being

 At NFP,  we believe we have  a high moral responsibility to treat our animals with the dignity and respect they deserve.  We carefully monitor the animal's comfort and well-being on the farm, through daily observations, individual animal care, and humane animal handling.

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Environmental Stewardship

New Fashion Pork is committed to environmental stewardship.  We take great care and pride in the preservation and conservation of our land and water resources.  Doing more with less by embracing the natural processes and resources nature provides. 


Food Safety

Following proper food safety protocols when handling and  cooking raw pork products maximizes health safety.  Cooking meat to the specified safe internal temperature ensures a safe and delicious pork product. Feel good about the pork you feed your family. 



We believe in the importance of giving back to our local communities by supporting local fund raising events, the food pack program for our schools and by investing in the children in our community. 

We welcome and encourage all NFP employees to actively be a NFP Community Pride Team member. 

Sustainable ~ Responsible ~ Pork Production

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