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Environmental Stewardship

Producing more by using less.  Embracing the natural processes and resources nature provides. 

Environmental Odor Research

Air Quality

Air quality is a critical component in the health of our pigs and to our surrounding environment.  Minimizing the impact of odor emissions by best management practices and by pursuing meaningful air quality technologies.


Soil Health & Nutrient Management

Our manure generation provides a natural organic  fertilizer that is incorporated into our farming practices. The availability of this organic source of nutrients is a valuable commodity for our farming operations. Our nutrient management plans are highly regulated and rely on current agronomic best management practices. 


Water Quality

As pork producers it is our responsibility to protect and preserve our water resources. We actively embrace state and local requirements to safeguard and improve water quality. We implement and aggressively monitor water-conservation practices as part of our nutrient management plans. 


Reducing Carbon Footprint

NFP's Environmental Services team recognizes the impact of Green House Gases (GHGs) on the environment. We pledge to protect our natural resources - water, soil, and air – by reducing the impact of our environmental footprint through innovative research, strategic comprehensive planning, and continuously improving our best management practices.  

Environmental Management

Environmental Research

NFP Environmental Services are constantly searching for opportunities to participate and to contribute to air, water, and land research projects. Our goal is to be on the proven cutting-edge of new technologies that are relevant and applicable to the pork industry.


Crop Management

NFP has dedicated 120 acres of land to crop research. 

Sustainable ~ Responsible ~ Pork Production

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