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Animal Care & Well-Being

 We pledge to treat our animals humanely with the dignity and respect they deserve.  We carefully monitor the animal's comfort and well-being on the farm, through daily observations, individual animal care, and humane animal handling.


Pig Care

Our NFP sites provide quality housing to meet our high standards of safety and care for our animals.  Our team consistently monitors air and water quality to ensure the animals are comfortable. Through controlled access and strict bio-security protocols, we limit disease entry into our herds following standard operating procedures for all of our daily tasks. 

NFP employees and growers are PQA+® and TQA® certified.

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Pig Health

The health of our animals is at the forefront of our operation. NFP's in-house nutritionist creates and monitors a specific diet and nutrition plan that meets the needs of our animals at each stage of life.

Our veterinarian works closely with our team to reduce the chance of sickness or disease in the herd.

Through herd health management plans, we strive to maintain optimal health in our animals.

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