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Our Operations

Our operations are multifaceted, integrating various farming practices to provide the best nutrient rich feed, facilities, and transportation for our pigs.  Animal Care / Well Being and Stewardship of the land is the reason we continually strive to improve and enhance our role in pork production.  

New Fashion Pork

nfp newborn pigs
nursery pigs
ZinPro baby pigs

Sustainable ~ Responsible ~ Pork Production

BWT Holdings, LLLP

With sustainability and environmental stewardship at the forefront of producing healthy pigs, the importance of raising our own crops such as corn and soybeans was vital in our operations.  We use the organic nutrient-rich manure from our pigs as fertilizer, incorporating this organic matter back into the land limiting the need for commercial fertilizer. BWT was established in 2010 as the model of implementing best management practices, utilizing sustainable farming standards, while remaining environmentally friendly.  

Corn Field
Switz City Feed Mill

NFP Feed Mills

NFP feed mills are positioned in close proximity to our farms in Minnesota, Iowa, and Indiana. They are used exclusively for our farms.  Having our own feed mills allows our team to formulate the right feed for the animal’s diet. Providing specific nutrient rich diets during the various stages of a pig’s life, supports their overall health and wellness.

NFP Transport

Sioux Valley Transport

Sioux Valley Transport is committed to holding our drivers to a higher standard of care during the transport of our animals. Our drivers are employees and owner-operators. To ensure safe handling and transport of our animals, they are PQA and TQA Certified. They know the importance of maintaining the animals well-being and pork quality during the transport process.  SVT has been in operation since April of 2012.

Sioux Valley Tiling

Sioux Valley Tiling

Sioux Valley Tiling was established in 2016. After seeing the positive results from tiling our fields, the decision was made to offer these services to assist other farmers in maximizing their crop yield and profitability. Over the past 7 years, Sioux Valley Tiling has developed the fundamentals of high-quality tiling by using state-of-the-art equipment to design and install the most efficient subsurface draining systems to meet farmer's needs. 

OFP Wisconsin

Old Fashion Pork

Old Fashion Pork was developed to fit the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards. We raise our pigs with GAP Standards which allows us to meet the demands of niche markets in the United States. Located in Wisconsin, the environment encourages healthy productivity, natural living, and emotional wellbeing for the animals. 

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