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Our Team

The NFP leadership team is a professional group of men and women who implement a positive culture for support staff and growers who are committed to the success of our company and industry. 

Team Meeting


 Our  leadership team consists of the most talented and knowledgeable men and women in the pork industry.  Their commitment to our industry and dedication to their everyday jobs makes New Fashion Pork one of the most progressive hog companies in the industry.

NFP Team

Support Staff

The NFP support staff is vital to our daily operations and success of our company.  Each department plays an essential role in ensuring our daily operations run smoothly.  This team makes it happen and is the cornerstone of NFP.

jungers award 2022.


We are committed to finding the best growers in the industry to raise and care for our pigs. Our growers are committed to raising pigs in a safe and humane environment with consistent high-quality care. If you are interested in our grower opportunity, click here. 

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